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  1. BulletIntroduction to Last Planner - tba - please call - workshop outline

  2. BulletIntroduction to Lean Construction - tba - please call - workshop outline

  3. BulletIntroduction to Lean & Last Planner - tba - please call - workshop outline


  1. BulletWhat does it mean to be Lean?

  2. BulletWhat difference will Last Planner make to my project?

  3. BulletHow can I assess the state of my project?

Last Planner Trainer Training - for consultants who wish to offer Last Planner as a commercial
offer and for in-house trainers and process improvement leaders offered in Association with Lean Construction Institute UKBoth consultants and in-house staff need field experience of Last Planner prior to starting this training - tba, Spring 2010 - please call, particularly if you need help getting field experience.

Study Tour

  1. BulletUSA Lean Construction study tour October 2010


If you would like an in-house or an open workshop please call or email the office at the address below.