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Who makes money out of waste?

It is widely accepted that there is considerable waste in the end-to-end design, construction & facility management process.  Empirical evidence points to waste in excess of 50% of construction time where waste is defined as anything that is not required to create value for the customer/client or end-user — this is primarily process waste with some physical waste.

The fact that much of this waste is common to many projects suggests our hypothesis—that there are structures and systems that support and encourage wasteful activities. One obvious structure, implicit in the research question, is some sort of financial reward.  There are other structures that lead to waste too, for example contractual arrangements and legal structures designed to prevent individual stakeholders making a financial gain.

So the purpose of the research is to look at the end-to-end design, construction and maintenance process and ask at every stage:

  1. BulletWhat is being done that creates no value for the customer/client/end-user?

  2. BulletWhy do we do those things?

  3. BulletWho benefits (if anyone)—and how?

here is the latest proposal Who is making money out of waste 100103.pdf

Is this how it is in construction?
We believe it is, we want to check it and find out why