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benefits for trade partners (sub-contractors)

using lean and last planner in the construction phase:

  1. Bulletensures that the construction team arrive on site prepared to do the work and ready to work together

  2. Bulletgets the team to sort many issues out before they arrive on site

  3. Bulletenables the team to replan more quickly when they encounter the unexpected

  4. Bulletoperatives are able to earn good money as MakeReady processes help to ensure all the requirements come together at the workface

using lean in design and construction with early constructor involvement:

  1. Bulletas above plus:

  2. Bulletallows the design and construction team to work together to maximise end-user value with safer, greener, easier, cheaper, faster construction method

  3. Bulletcompresses the design and construction period often by 30% or more 

Trade Partners can benefit from:

  1. Bulletlean construction

  2. BulletCollaboration

  3. BulletLast Planner®

  4. BulletLearning

  5. BulletContinual Improvement

  6. BulletLean transformation

  7. BulletConstruction Logistics

and if they are involved in design:

  1. BulletDesign Delivery System™

  2. BulletDesign management

  3. BulletIntegrated Project Delivery™ 

  4. BulletLean Project Delivery System™

We use lean & systems thinking and lean construction principles and insights.

We offer consultancy, experiential workshops (using a range of games & simulations) and study tours.