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Standard work

Standard work - or Standard Operating Procedure SOP - is the basis for learning and improvement (leading to new standard work).  Standard work is designed to produce quality work safely while being quick and cheap.

Some people see standard work as constraining creativity.  On the contrary it liberates creativity in the service of innovation, learning and improvement as discussed here

for Operatives standard work is a path to consistent quality and safety.

for Leaders at every level from foremen, supervisors, site managers, project managers to the Board, standard work is essential to ensure that new lean processes are consistently followed.

David Mann’s Creat
ing a Lean Culture talks eloquently about the importance of using leader standard work in a systematic way as part of a lean transformation.

The Change Business is working with companies to develop standard work to support the implementation of Last Planner.  if you would like to be involved in this project please get in touch.

Training within Industry - a recently revived World War 2 initiative - has some excellent guidance on writing standard work documents.  See for example:

or read one of the books on the right.


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