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Timing is everything in shutdowns - timing of materials, equipment, tasks, information, use of space - everything together at the workface with the crew or team, relentlessly.

Timing is important for the client/owner too.  Every hour of shutdown is lost output and lost profit.

Detail planning is essential.  As time is so critical the planning period and the planning effort is generally substantial – but even then it is rarely possible to work the plan, the unexpected happens.

Pull scheduling

Pull scheduling is a way to involve the whole shutdown team in the final detail planning of the work and prepare them to work together os that they have the opportunity to thoroughly understand the job well before work begins at the work site. 


The pull schedule then becomes the basis for MakeReady – the process of ensuring that all the requirements for each task - crew, information, plant, tools, equipment, materials & prior work will all be ready and the space will be safe to work in so that the work flows smoothly. During this phase the pull schedule may be modified.

Schedule compression

This step makes it possible to review and compress the pull schedule with the consensus of the whole team.  For every hour you shave off the schedule your customer is able to pull back an hour of lost production and make an extra hours worth of profit.  for more information see here

Daily review and plan

Daily work planning and review is critical to the success of any shutdown.  Even with the best laid plans, the best 3D or 4D information the unexpected happens, the wind gets up and lifting operations have to be suspended, work needs to be re-planned around that.

Review is the basis for learning, for making improvements in this shutdown and gathering information that will help us go faster on future shutdowns.  Much of the learning will be of general relevance so valuable in other contexts even if we never do a shutdown like this one again.

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