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Reliable promising

Creating value in construction, as elsewhere, requires information, materials and action to come together.

We have excellent systems for managing information and materials.  What is needed is a system for ensuring that actions happen - a commitment management system.  CPM doesn't do it - it merely says when things should happen.  There is no assessment about whether it can, nor is there any commitment that it will.  It is only through the making and keeping of promises or commitments that explicitly include the conditions of satisfaction that work gets done and value is created. 

  1. Fernando Flores has offered a way forward.  For a good introduction have a look at:
    Peter J Denning & Raul Medina-Mora (1995) Completing the Loops INTERFACES 25:3 May-June 1995 (pp. 42-57)

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There is at least one commitment management system that was designed for and works in construction - and is being used in other project based production environments such as shipbuilding.  That process is Last Planner®.

if you promise to do it, get it done.

The Promise Cycle — the basis for reliable promising