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benefits for owners & clients

using lean principles in the design phase:

  1. Bulletsupports the creation of an integrated & constructable design that delivers the value you want

  2. Bullethelps reduce the unnecessary iterations

  3. Bulletkeeps options open to the last responsible moment

using lean and last planner in the construction phase:

  1. Bulletwill usually reduce the construction phase by around 20%

  2. Bulletensures that the construction team arrive on site prepared to do the work and ready to work together

  3. Bulletgets the team to sort many issues out before they arrive on site

  4. Bulletenables the team to replan more quickly when they encounter the unexpected 

using lean in design and construction with early constructor involvement adds support for:

  1. Bulleta more thorough and better thought through design

  2. Bulletthe design and construction team to work together to maximise end-user value with safer, greener, easier, cheaper, faster construction method while minimising cost (Target Value Design)

  3. Bulletcompressing the design and construction period – often by 30% or more