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Getting started on the road to lean

Making your projects lean starting with one project, preferably one that hasn’t started yet, implement Last Planner® - you will find guidance here.

If you are not ready to start using Last Planner use the Study guide mentioned at the bottom of this page as a way in.  The Study Guide will help you understand the state of project management on your sites and reveal priorities for improvement.  Start that improvement process on one project.  Almost always you will end up implementing Last Planner.

Once your team start realising the benefits of Last Planner word will travel and other projects will want to come and visit.  This process needs managing so that other projects can learn systematically from their colleagues’ experience.

When you implement it in full, Last Planner is a great place to start as it helps to identify a range of issues in both the project and in the wider organisation.  sorting these out will reveal further problems for you to solve and all will contribute to:

Making your organisation lean – As with project transformation, Study Action Teams (SAT) are a really great way to get senior managers aligned around shared aspirations for the future of the business.  This alignment is crucial to the success of any transformation. The output from the SAT process will define the first part of your lean journey.


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