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lamda & PDCA

The late Dr Allen Ward is credited with the observation that Plan–Do and Check–Act in the PDCA cycle — sometimes referred to as the Deming or Shewhart Cycle — require exactly the same steps – Look-Ask-Model-Discuss-Act:

  1. BulletLook = go see for yourself - principle 13 of Liker’s The Toyota Way

  2. BulletAsk = use 5Why or some other process to discover the root cause(s)

  3. BulletModel = sort out possible countermeasures that might address the
    root cause(s)

  4. BulletDiscuss = meet with all those affected by the issue and any possible countermeasures to agree the initial problem statement, the root causes and the possible countermeasures - add further models/countermeasures is appropriate — and then agree what action to take – Choosing by advantages is a good way.

  5. BulletAct = put the agreed action into practice so that it can be tested experimentally.

The above covers Plan–Do when problem solving.  Check–Act is similar.

Use lamda and PDCA when preparing A3 reports and in First Run Studies for example.

how the lamda and PDCA cycles connect