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benefits for designers

using lean and last planner® (or Design Delivery System™) in the design phase:

  1. Bulletwill often reduce the design phase by around 10%

  2. Bulletensures that the design team understand the interdependencies between their contributions and are ready to work together

  3. Bulletreduces rework

  4. Bulletgets the team to sort many issues out before they become problems

  5. Bulletenables the team to re-plan more quickly when they encounter the unexpected 

using lean in design & construction with early constructor involvement:

  1. Bulletreduces design workload as designers need only produce what is needed by constructors

  2. Bulletallows the design and construction team to work together to maximise end-user value with safer, greener, easier, cheaper, faster construction method

  3. Bulletusually compresses the design and construction period by 30% or more