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projects in delay

Whatever the reason your project is in delay — archaeology, exceptional weather, ground conditions, late information, client changes, planning, ... — your client still wants the project delivered on time.  The Change Business have worked with a number of constructors and designers to help get projects back on track using:

  1. BulletLearning from what happened before (so long as no-one wants to apportion blame) so that we don’t make the same mistakes again

  2. Bulletcollaborative re-planning

  3. BulletLast Planner

  4. Bulletprocess facilitation

  5. BulletStudy-Action Teams (on larger projects)

if you have a project in delay we’d be pleased to talk with you about how we can support you and your team to deliver the project as early as possible.

city centre apartment building

7 weeks late here at the half way mark & delivered 2 weeks early

major school extension

4 weeks late at this point ...

...& delivered 12 weeks early