The Change Business Ltd

developing people
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our aim is to create safer, faster, greener, better & cheaper design and construction production by supporting the conversations and relationships needed to build responsibility & capability for collaborative action.

Recent assignments have included:

  1. Bulletcoaching project teams and organisations embarking on a lean journey

  2. Bulletfacilitating Study Action Teams

  3. Bulletcoaching teams learning how to implement Last Planner® on their project(s)

  4. Bulletfacilitating the collaborative re-programming of projects in delay

  5. Bulletfacilitating team alignment and process design meetings

Our clients are in UK, South Africa and Australia.  We work face-to-face and increasingly on the telephone and via the web to save our customers time and expense.

Please call to explore whether there is a fit between your needs and our capability.

city centre apartment building

7 weeks late at the half way mark & delivered 2 weeks early

major school extension

4 weeks late at this point ...

...& delivered 12 weeks early