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Lean Construction

Lean construction is different way of thinking about construction—whole system, value oriented, involving all in making improvements, eliminating waste and creating value for customers and end-users.

It requires a willingness to learn and to learn by making mistakes - so blame cultures and organisations run on command & control lines will fail to get it.


  1. Bulletless hassle - this is a collaborative process, good planning is part of what we do.

  2. Bulletmore learning within projects and carried between projects

  3. Bulletfaster delivery - designs are more buildable as the production design emerges alongside the project design

  4. Bulletmore value for money

  5. Bulletsafer

These documents give more information about lean thinking applied to the end-to-end construction process

  1. BulletWhat does it mean to be lean.pdf

  2. BulletWhat-is-Integrated-Project-Delivery.pdf  or  What-is-Lean-Project-Delivery.pdf

  3. Bulletsection 12 of More-than-materials-Construction-Logistics-ECCL.pdf

  4. Bulletwhy do projects on a lean basis? - read this article by Macomber and Howell

Getting started with lean

Lean is a journey.  There is no destination – you are in competition with the company that you know you can become and that is continually changing and developing.  As Dr. W Edwards Deming said “it doesn’t matter when you begin, so long as you start today.”  For ideas on how to get started click here.

What is lean construction?

While most are agreed that lean is a journey, the rest is the subject of a continuing debate among both academics and practitioners.

The definition we work with involves:

  1. Bulletsystems thinking

  2. Bulletcollaboration

  3. Bulletinvolving everyone

  4. Bulletfocus on value creation for the customer/end-user

  5. Bulletenabling work to flow

  6. Bulletconsistency of purpose

  7. Bulletprincipled and scientific approach

  8. Bulletcontinual improvement

  9. Bulletoptimisation of the whole

  10. Bulletlearning

Lean tools are part of what we do but we are clear that lean tools on their own do not make a process lean.

Among the lean tools we use are:

  1. BulletLast Planner®

  2. Bullet5S [5C]

  3. Bullet5 Why

  4. BulletControl Charts

  5. BulletProcess Flowcharts

  6. Bulletwaste elimination