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What is Last Planner®?

The Last Planner System (LPS) is a system for system for creating predictable and reliable workflow in project-based production environments like construction and maintenance.  It helps manage the range of relationships, conversations and commitments that delivers a completed project.  LPS prepares team leaders and trade foremen to work together on the project and helps them manage their commitments and hence the flow of work.

A system of inter-related elements – full benefits come when all are implemented together, over time - LPS is based on simple paper forms.  It is simple to administer using Post-it notes, paper, pencil, eraser and photocopier.  A spreadsheet like MS Excel can help.  For larger projects some of the elements can be managed with specialist software.

LPS can be used during the design phase, during construction and maintenance shutdowns, though in design we recommend the Learning-led Design Delivery System.  In the construction phase LPS is a valuable logistics planning tool.

For more information about Last Planner:

  1. Bulletread Last Planner - key conversations for reliable project delivery.pdf

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  3. Bulletread this page on learning Last Planner

  4. Bulletread this page on Last Planner software

Not sure whether you need Last Planner?

We have developed a simple study guide that you can use on existing projects to assess the quality of the commitments made.  You can download the study guide here.

Last Planner is a registered trademark of the Lean Construction Institute.  LCI allows consultants to offer Last Planner facilitation and training if they are members in good standing of LCI and they have been deemed competent.  Alan Mossman meets both these criteria.  To learn how you can implement Last Planner on your design or construction projects please contact Alan Mossman +44 7968 485 627

collaboratively produced programme in a site office

Learn how to implement LPS on your design or construction projectslearningLPS.html
Get help for collaborative programming & programme compressioncollaborative_programming_and_programme_compression.html
overview of Last Planner (pdf)Last_Planner_files/LastPlanner2009-05-21_1.pdf