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The Change Business is a lean design & lean construction consultancy.

Lean is a new way to see, understand & act in the world Greg Howell

We work to create safer, greener, faster, better & cheaper design, construction and other forms of project-based production by supporting the conversations, relationships and commitments needed to create predictable, reliable production and build responsibility & capability for collaborative action.

We use lean & systems thinking and lean construction principles and insights to provide benefits for:

  1. Bulletowners and clients

  2. Bulletdesigners

  3. Bulletconstructors, and their

  4. Bullettrade partners

  5. Bulletprojects in delay

We offer consultancy, experiential workshops (using a range of games & simulations) and study tours.

Our methods work in a range of other project-based production environments such as shipbuilding and repair, one-off manufacturing and software development.  We also have experience of working in local government and healthcare.

Interested?  Call Alan Mossman +44 7968 485 627.

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