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Construction Logistics

Creation of value in construction, as in manufacturing, requires the transformation of materials.  Unlike manufacturing, there are seven flows—people, information, equipment, materials, prior work, safe space & safe working environment—required to come together at the workface to enable construction transformations to flow.   If any one of the seven is interrupted or out of sequence value cannot be created.

This means Logistics is more than materials and it is a design issue.

Logistics is not a common topic in design or construction. Companies that are paying more attention to construction logistics are realising:

  1. BulletImproved project quality, cost and delivery

  2. BulletReduced carbon emissions in the construction process

  3. BulletReduced skill shortages

  4. BulletImprove safety and health for all on site

For more information read this:

  1. BulletMore-than-materials-Construction-Logistics-ECCL.pdf

  2. Bullet080526 Construction Logistics summary ECCL5.pdf

  3. Bulletor look at this large presentation file 080526 Construction Logistics ECCL5.ppt.pdf


Good construction logistics ...

... delivers the people who will do the work and all information, equipment & materials they need to the workface so that they can create value in safety and comfort

Although it adds no customer value itself, logistics enables value creating work to flow.

Construction logistics can include management
and delivery of:

  1. BulletHealth and Safety

  2. BulletProcurement

  3. BulletSite Security

  4. BulletTraffic Management

  5. BulletAdministration Offices

  6. BulletSite Housekeeping

  7. BulletEnvironment

  8. BulletSite Waste removal

  9. BulletInsurance

  10. BulletInformation

  11. BulletPersonnel

  12. BulletMaterials

  13. BulletSite infrastructure

  14. BulletPlant, equipment, tools & their maintenance

  15. BulletPayment Systems