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Alan Mossman BArch MBSc MCIPD

An adviser on lean transformation and Last Planner in design and construction, Alan trained as an architect (Liverpool University School of Architecture) and then in management and organisation development (Manchester Business School).  After working in local government and higher education in a variety of roles, he has been a socio-technical systems consultant since 1988.  He only returned to construction in 2001 building on his knowledge and understanding of collaboration, systems thinking, variation, quality and lean.

Based in UK, he has coached teams implementing Lean and Last Planner for clients in the UK, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.  Alan is regular speaker and facilitator at Lean Construction conferences, congresses and seminars in the US and Europe.  His links with colleagues in the global lean construction community enables him to keep up to date with the continuing development of lean thinking applied to design & construction. 

Alan is a part-time member of the international lean construction team at Loughborough University where he is involved in a research project studying 1 the feasibility of using case study data to test the impact of lean and systems thinking to create safer, faster, greener, better & cheaper design, construction — and produce information that can be used to inform both academic research and practical design & construction decisions.  2 study Target Value Design (TVD).  The research is directed by Dr Christine Pasquire and Professor Glenn Ballard.

A co-editor of the Lean Construction Journal and manager of the Lean Construction Network on Linkedin, Alan is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the Alliance of Deming Consultants, the International Group for Lean Construction and the European Group for Lean Construction. He convened the steering group that formed Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire Club and served on the executive until 2009 and was a Director of the Lean Construction Institute UK from its foundation until March 2010.  He continues to be an active member of both organisations.

From September 2005 until September 2007 Alan served as founding Director of Constructing Excellence South West and from 2000 until 2006 he was a member of Rubicon Associates.

Alan has written a number of papers on topics ranging from Self Managed Learning, Outdoor Management Development and Construction Logistics as well as lean construction.  He is writing a book on Lean Construction for Wiley.

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"Alan brings insight and thought to action. He can adapt quickly, organize groups and get things done. He has a strong background in organizational change and development and is an unusually capable consultant working in Lean Construction. He is a great help in a variety of circumstances because his wide range of interests and skills are coupled with a meticulous concern for getting things right. He has the experience and insight to lead lean transformation initiatives." Greg Howell, Owner, Lean Project Consulting & MD of the Lean Construction Institute